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ifight4xtina's Journal

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We stand up for and discuss the one and only... Christina Aguilera.

When you join the community you must:
1. Post immediately with the survey below.
2. Understand that no one in this community deserves to be bitched at for what they post.
3. Understand that you may NOT pimp your own communities through this journal. Any of these entries WILL be deleted.
4. Please keep all entries Christina related. Do not bash her in any way or you will be removed from this community.

What you may post:
1. Comments on appearances, pictures or anything having to do with Ms. Aguilera.
2. Pictures, just make sure they are behind an LJ-cut.
3. Downloads, surveys, quizzes, information, articles, websites or anything pertaining to Ms. Aguilera.

The Survey:

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. How you found this community:
4. Favorite Xtina song:
5. Favorite Xtina Video:

Thanks guys! I'm the moderator: Ashley, If you guys ever need anything, feel free to email me at ashykinsx@aol.com or get me on my livejournal. My username is pinkcarebear.